371 Craneway Street · Port Newark, NJ  07114 · (973) 589-5656

The history of FAPS, Inc. spans three generations, beginning almost with the start of the automotive production line. Specializing in automotive service, sales and repair, the company Augustino LoBue founded in 1923 rapidly expanded the scope and size of its operations, distinguishing itself in terms of quality and productivity.

The modern era of FAPS began with the company's establishment in New York in 1937. Foreign imports had begun trickling into New York harbor and what initially began as supplemental work for Augustino's son John LoBue, quickly evolved into a full-time operation, "Foreign Auto Preparation Services." Recognizing the momentum of this growing industry, in 1956 John LoBue moved the company to its present location in Port Newark, New Jersey, a site with large amounts of available berth space and auto-laden ships already arriving.

Today, the proud tradition is carried on by the sons of John LoBue. FAPS encompasses approximately 200 acres, with five adjoining public berths, and a direct connection to Conrail's Doremus Rail Terminal. Its close proximity to the New Jersey Turnpike and the State's other major arteries also allows haul-away carriers easy access. Our buildings cover over 500,000 square feet used for PDI services, accessorization and modification, processing some 300,000+ vehicles per year. This much under-roof space means no customer need ever wait for another.

The depth and breadth of our services, combined with the skill and flexibility of our labor force, set us apart from every other vehicle processor in North America and is the reason why preeminent industry manufacturers choose FAPS.

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