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FAPS, Inc. offers a complete line of services for all your port-processing needs.

ALARM SYSTEMS: Passive Starter Cut-off, Hood/Trunk Switches, remote and Programmable Immobilizer Type.

ARCTIC CLIMATE: Extreme Cold Weather protective devices and Accessories.

BED LINERS: Bed Covers, Bed Caps, Running Boards, Roll Bars and Brush Guards.

BODY ACCESSORIES: Spoilers, Lower Body panel Trim and Wheel Opening Flares.

COATINGS: Exterior Transit, Undercarriage, Engine Protection and Wrapguard.

COMMUNICATIONS: Cellular Type, Fixed/Portable.

DUMP BODIES: Small and Medium Steel/Alloy Types and Related Accessories.

EMERGENCY VEHICLES: Outfitting, Lighting, Painting/Lettering and Design.

FLATBED: Car Carrier, Stake Bodies, Wood and Steel Bed Platforms.

GRAPHICS: Badging, Decals, Striping and Commemoration Applications.

HOIST: Scissors, Basket, Telescopic.

HYDRAULICS: Power Take Off (PTO), Booms, Snow Plow and AC/Generation.

INSTRUMENTS: Cluster Replacement and related conversions.

LIFT GATES: Tuck-Away, Side Mount, Ramp, Light/Heavy Duty.

LIGHTING: Homologation Refitting, Off-Road, Military, Police, Fog-Driving.

MILITARY: Military Conversions, 24 VDC Power Adaptors, Tow Hooks, Lighting, GPS Tracking, Troop Carriers, Tarps and Bows, Camouflage Paint and Cold/Hot Climate Conditioning.

OIL/COOLING SYSTEMS: Engine Transmission and Power Steering.

PAINTING: BASF/Glasurit OEM Factory Products and Paint Processing.

POLICE: Complete Outfitting-- Performance, Graphics, Safety Devices and Gun Rack Partitions.

PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION (PDI/PQI): Appearance-Fit, Finish, Adjustment and Repair, Electrical and Mechanical, Test Driving, Auditing and Reporting.

RADIO SYSTEMS: U.S. and European Band Tuners, Amplifiers and Speakers.

REFURBISH, REPAIR AND REFINISHING SERVICES: Reconditioning and Cosmetic Repair, Pressure Wash, Shampoo Clean-Up, Paintless Dent Repair, Machine Polishing, etc.

SNOW REMOVAL: Plows, Salt and Sand Spreaders.

SUSPENSION: Lift Kits and Air-Ride.

TOOLS/TOOL BOXES: Pick-Up Boxes, Crew Boxes, Field Tool Cribs, Auxiliary Tire Carriers, Power Generation, Air Compressors, Arctic Warmers.

TOWING APPARATUS: Winches, Tow Hooks, Pintal Hooks, Ball hitch and Reinforcements.

UTILITY SERVICE: Line utility Bodies, Welder's Bodies, Telephone and Various Others.

VAN EQUIPMENT: Compartment Organizers, Add-On Service Equipment and Sliding Windows.

WINCHES: Front/Rear Applications.

WATER LEAK TESTING: Tropical Region Testing 24PSI Throughout at 141.9 Gal/Min.