The company origins began with Agostino Joseph LoBue, a skilled iron and metal working craftsman who immigrated to America from Italy in 1917 was the original family member who in 1923 founded, owned and operated a business as an independent entrepreneur of Automobile Sales and Service.

Learning the craft and trade from his father, John Anthony LoBue later founded “Foreign Auto Preparation Service, Inc.” relocating to Port Newark in 1956 and incorporating as FAPS, Inc. in 1959 is considered a pioneer in Automotive Pre-delivery Service (Mechanical, Transit Body Repair, Refinishing, Assembly and Modifications), in North America. He is credited with originating the port side service facility company concept to address the growing volume preparation needs of manufacturers distributing shipments of automobiles to the USA for sale as an inexpensive small and “never needs fuel” imported second line of automotive product to front line full size US manufactured products. He established this industries production line methodology similar to the “factory line” handling, from arrival survey, assurance inspection, mechanical, body repair to accessorization for acceptable dealer delivery and federal certification in the port upon arrival.


Today the proud tradition of delivering “Best In Class Service” is carried on by John LoBue’s two sons, August and Gary LoBue, who maintain the company ownership and have continued to expand the facility, scope of services, sales and diversification. Within the last decade, the business volume has more than doubled and shows promise of continued growth through their inherited vision of the future and leadership they both bring. Like their father and grandfather before them, August and Gary have contributed greatly to the welfare of their employees and the port community as well as through civic actions most exemplified by completing the construction started by John LoBue of the Stella Maris Chapel in Port Newark.

This company’s port side automotive pre-delivery service came into being as the result of overseas imports arriving in increasingly larger quantities and requiring warehousing facilities to sort and manage inventories, accessorize and repair to factory fresh condition prior to dealer delivery. Foreign Auto Preparation Service, today known as FAPS, INC. was established in answer to that need in 1956 at Port Newark as the first service company of its kind in North America derived from earlier service operations in Long Island City, N.Y. specializing in the “Foreign Car.”