A little bit about us

This company’s port side automotive pre-delivery service came into being as the result of overseas imports arriving in increasingly larger quantities and requiring warehousing facilities to sort and manage inventories, accessorize and repair to factory fresh condition prior to dealer delivery. Foreign Auto Preparation Service, today known as FAPS, INC. was established in answer to that need in 1956 at Port Newark as the first service company of its kind in North America derived from earlier service operations in Long Island City, N.Y. specializing in the “Foreign Car.”

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August & Gary LoBue


Meet Our Team

Carl Navarro

VP Finance

Gary Love

VP Sales and Marketing

New Vehicle Import

New Vehicle Import to FAPS in 2016 – 235,000

New Vehicle Export

New Vehicles Exported from FAPS in 2016 – 65,000

Rail/Regional Product

Rail / Regional Product FAPS in 2016 – 95,000

Marine Vessels

Marine Vessels to and from FAPS in 2016 – 360