• POE Delivery Receipt and Inventory Management 303pain2a
  • Pre-delivery inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Accessorization and Modification (unlimited) from A to Z
  • Warranty service upgrades, enhancements, and repair
  • Manufacturer Direct Homologation or Federal Certification for country of destination
  • Automotive Rail Loading and Unloading
  • Automotive Containerization Programs BOTH inbound and outbound services4
  • Alongside Vessel Marine Terminal Services
  • Specialized RO/RO Cargo
  • SKD – Semi Knockdown Programs

Services for new finished Import & Export vehicles include; Pre-delivery inspections, accessorization, body-repair, paint refinishing, export homologation, modification, global certification standards and fleet reconditioning. Vehicle processing is performed in over 600,000 square feet of pre-delivery centers. FAPS, Inc. coordinates the inland distribution with many major car hauling truck transportation companies via EDI and operates a 48 spot capacity auto rail facility (MODART) within the shared asset area for both CSXT and Norfolk Southern railroad companies. FAPS, Inc. operation is regarded as the “Industries benchmark auto-processing facility in North America” and can handle over 600 thousand (600,000) vehicles annually. FAPS, Inc. utilizes the latest IS technology operating in a real time RF environment which effectively manages inventory, cargo releases, services and electronic invoicing. FAPS, Inc. also specializes in vehicle containerization.


A new Ferrari arrives via specialized container


Pickups being modified for military duties overseas